The Green Hornet

  Psyching yourself up for a let down at the theatres is always something I do.  Especially for superhero movies released in the beginning of the year. As much as I have liked them, they just haven’t been up to par. (I’m talking  about you Daredevil and Ghostrider.) Walking into the Orpheum, I set my mind on just enjoying the mindless action and ho-hum storied first superhero movie of the year.

  The movie started out like any other standard hero movie.  Get to know the character, his faults and his story. Then you meet Kato.  You get a sense of mystery when you see what Kato can do.  Even when they explain his history, it feels a bit weird.  But Kato is such an enjoyable character that you go along with it.  After that the action kicks in and it doesn’t stop. (except to keep the story going.) 

  The action scenes are shot with a slow motion akin to The Matrix and the first action scene sets the tone for the rest of the action in the movie. Don’t fret they don’t use this style throughout the entire movie.  Just enough for you to get an idea of how Kato sees things when he fights. Yes you will cringe at some of the action, but that makes it fun! Jay Chou is the next great action star from China. No doubt in my mind.

 The story is well scripted and the movie scenes fall into place flawlessly in most parts.  It did feel a bit choppy with the editing but it doesn’t ruin the movie.  The jokes run throughout the entire movie.  Seth Rogan and Jay Chou are a great comedic duo. You will be laughing at all the right and wrong times. But that is how the movie is designed.

  Now I need to talk about the real star of the movie.  The Black Beauty.  This car is awesome! In all of moviedom and TVdom I have not seen a car with so many fun and exhilarating gadgets. This car can do just about anything your imagination can think of. Even in the end this car surprises you.

  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride of the winter in what is sure to be the first of many great superhero movies of this coming year.  As always, please leave a comment about what you thought of the movie.  I really do like to hear what other people think.

Thanks for reading,

Nathan J. Cormier

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