Tron: Legacy

Growing up and becoming a huge fan of the original, I was going in with high hopes for this movie. A quick bit of history for any of you who have not seen the first movie.  It came out in 1982 and was met with mixed reviews. It barely made its money back at the box office and would have gone into obscurity like most other 80’s movies that end up in the bargain bins of video stores. But then it  was played on wonderful world of Disney in the mid to late 80’s.  It started to gain a Cult following over the years after that. Now 28 years later the fans of the original are getting a “Christmas” gift from Disney.  The Sequel.

  Tron: Legacy is everything a fan of the original has wanted to see.  Updated (state of the art) visual cgi world, return of original actors, and a story that plausibly delves you into the world of Tron.

 The actors play their parts with passion though Olivia Wylde definitely shines above the others. The World is beautiful beyond what the previews show. And the music by Daft Punk throughout the movie really gives you a feeling to match with the story. I would highly recommend getting the soundtrack if you like techno music.

  Overall, Tron: Legacy is a fun story to watch if a bit slow at times. But the action and the world of Tron are just something to behold with your own eyes.  If you get the chance in the next week to go see it, do so.  You won’t be disappointed. I know I wasn’t!

 Thanks for reading,

Nathan J. Cormier

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Marvel Theatre: The best price for the Best movies! Trust me I paid $28 to see this movie with my daughter.  It would have cost me $12 to see it at one of their theatres.

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