Disney’s Tangled

Sitting in a seat towards the middle of the theatre,  I began to wonder if it was a good idea to view a Disney movie on opening night.  As the families walk in and take their seats, I hear kids laughing, crying, and screaming.  Then the movie starts.

With the likes of John Lassetter as Executive producer and Alen Menken writing the lyrics for the songs, you would think this movie would be good.  You would be wrong…  This movie is by far the best Disney movie I have seen in a long time.

Tangled covers all aspects of classic Disney that we all have grown to love and endear to ourselves.  Memorable music/songs? Check! Witty dialog? Tons of it! A well written story? (We will hopefully see more of Dan Fogelman writing screenplays for Disney in the future.) Yup it’s all there.

The main characters come to life with a realism that i haven’t felt since Beauty and the Beast! Then there are the support characters.  Pascal, the chameleon, is portrayed wonderfully as Rapunzels best friend.  Maximus, the military horse, is animated so vibrantly, that it reminds me of an old Loony Tunes character with attitude.

The jokes fly and the story builds throughout the entire movie. You will laugh a lot.  You may cry a bit. But most of all you will be happy to know that no matter what you paid to go see Tangled, you will leave feeling satisfied!

This movie tickles your heart!  Another great movie added to the 49 other Disney classics that came before! Yes that’s right.  This movie is the 50th feature length animated movie for Disney.  Keep em coming!

Thank you for reading,

Nathan J. Cormier

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One Response to Disney’s Tangled

  1. Bubbawheat says:

    I agree with most of what you said about Tangled. I enjoyed Maximus and his Chuck Jones-esque mannerisms. I also liked Rapunzel as a character, she had many interesting layers. Although I also read a funny review about this movie portraying it as an X-men movie and complaining that they gave her too many powers (hair that heals, glows, is super-strong and dexterous, she has incredible fighting ability, and is very intelligent, beautiful, and can walk for miles barefoot)

    Personally, I thought the songs felt forced and were not very memorable or enjoyable for me, with the exception of the scene where they enter the town.

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